Active Campers

Active Campers Manufacturing is the producer of quality slide-on campers, locally made for Australian conditions. Active Campers Manufacturing began in early 2002 at my parent’s property in Red Rock New South Wales and then relocated to Woolgoolga New South Wales in late 2010. During this time, Active Campers Manufacturing has consistently grown to be a leader in the slide-on camper market.

The construction of our slide-on campers has been tested on some of the roughest 4 x 4 tracks in the Australian outback including the Simpson desert, Canning Stock Route, Anne Beadell Highway, Madigan Line and Cape York to name a few. Active Campers Manufacturing uses Monopan (product of Germany), which is a thermoplastic sandwich panel consisting of polypropylene-honeycomb core and fibreglass reinforced polypropylene face sheets. These sheets are then joined using a thermoplastic fusion/welding process. The light-weight nature of these sheets allows our campers to endure rugged conditions without compromising on comfort.


Ongoing feedback from our customers is not only important moreover, it is regularly sought after. Discussions with our customers allow Active Campers Manufacturing to translate their suggestions into ongoing improvements with our camper design, material and layout. Our campers are quick to open, compact enough to go anywhere a car can go and still offer the comfort of a cold drink, quick cuppa or lie down whilst stopping. Active Campers Manufacturing are designed to fit most 2- or 4-wheel drive, flat tray, single, extra or dual cab utes.

The Story

For as long as I can remember our holidays were spent camping. We tried everything from tents to trailers to campervans and motor homes, depending on our activity and type of car available at the time. My dad never went out and bought something but preferred to build it himself to suit our family needs. Besides a small family car to run around in, we always had a ute or light truck for work purposes and so this was the platform to start with. The camper had to be removable, so that when the holidays were finished, work could begin again using the same vehicle without transporting beds and a kitchen around, thus the slide-on camper was conceived.


The first motor home was made of aluminium frame and sides. Being caught in a severe hailstorm one day, the camper sides got dented and had to be replaced. My father decided there had to be a better way to build campers. Being a boat builder by trade, he reinvented the idea of a motor home starting with the cupboards, then the walls and finally covered them with fibreglass. Slowly people started to knock on his door and over a period of 15 years he built campers for a few select customers.

I started to toy with the idea of manufacturing these campers for the public and in early 2002 Active Campers Manufacturing officially began. During this time, we have built slide-on campers to fit most utes, listened to our customers and improved in the design and materials used. I personally believe that we offer a slide-on camper that is the best on the market.

Our customers originate from all walks of life. Some plan weekend’s away or an extended trip around Australia, some use them for work in the bush and some live in it for years. But for most, they want the flexibility to go off the beaten track.

Active Campers Manufacturing offers 2 types of campers and they are the Vantage 2.1 and the Vantage 2.4. The numbers 2.1 and 2.4 indicate the length of the ute tray which assists in determining which vehicle is best suited for that camper. The Vantage 2.1 suits most vehicles including a single cab, 1 ½ cab and dual cab. The Vantage 2.4 on the other hand is better suited to single cabs and most 1 ½ cabs.

Active Campers Manufacturing is Australian Made and recognised