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The Range.

Active Campers offers 2 types of campers, the Vantage 2.1 and the Vantage 2.4. The construction of our slide-on campers have been tested on some of the roughest 4 x 4 tracks in the Australian outback and on the beach, enabling you to take your active camper anywhere your car goes.


Active Campers is the manufacturer of quality slide-on campers, locally made for Australian conditions.

We listened to our customers and improved in design and materials, so that today we can offer a slide-on camper, we believe to be, the best on the market. Our campers open in no time, are small enough to go anywhere a car can go and still offer the comfort of a cold drink, quick cuppa or lie down whilst stopping. Active Campers are designed to fit most 2 or 4 wheel drive, flat tray, single, extra or dual cab utes.

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Happy Campers.

Whether you call it a glide on or slide-on camper, a tray back or flat bed camper, Active Campers has you covered in the wild. Check out these awesome photos of our “Happy Campers” picking up their new Active Camper.

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