The Vantage Camper (ex Woolgoolga)


Optional Extras
Gas air heater $2,350
300 watts solar system and regulator $2,400
12 volt, 22” LED Full HD TV with fold down bracket $1,200
Second deep cycle battery 120amp $430
External shower $350
Clear window insert (front window) $125
Sirocco fan $280

Prices include GST and are subject to change without prior notice.

Slide on campers are considered to be a load and need proper securing. Some trays and rear springs might need modifications.

Terms and Conditions


A deposit of $2000 is required with order (personal cheques, bank transfers are accepted).

The balance has to be paid prior to the camper leaving the factory (only bank cheques and money transfers are accepted).

2.Delivery time

An approx. delivery time will be advised when ordering. Active campers determines the date in the same succession as the orders are received, and according to the production capacity; however the date may be subject to change in case of some unanticipated problems or delayed deliveries of product parts, components or other materials required for the products completion.


Active campers warrant this slide on camper to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of twelve months.
This warranty is only valid for private use and not applicable to commercial operations.

Active campers reserve the right to replace or repair any part of this product.

All appliances supplied retain their individual manufacturer’s warranty

Warranty service is available at:

Active Campers
1 Hawke Drive
Woolgoolga NSW 2456

Transport cost or incidental charges are payable by customer.


In no circumstances shall Active Campers be liable for incidental and consequential damages of any kind or damages resulting from improper use, neglect, abuse, wear and tear or alterations.

Active Campers warranty is null and void if payments are outstanding.