Active campers were developed as slide on campers and not just caravans fitted to the back of a ute.

Our campers are designed to fit most 2 or 4 wheel drive, flat tray, single, extra or dual cab utes.

Active Campers offer two types of slide-on campers, the Vantage 2.1 and the Vantage 2.4.

The Vantage 2.1 Flat Tray Camper

The Vantage Slide On CamperThe Vantage slide on camper is designed for single, extra and some dual cab flat bed utes. The Vantage is designed with comfort and luxury in mind. It offers an internal toilet and shower without losing too much precious internal storage space. The hot water system is standard. The outdoor storage hatch is accessible from both sides to maximize the space for individual needs.

For short travel breaks, the camper can be entered with the roof closed.

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The Vantage 2.4 Slide On CamperThe Vantage 2.4 Flat Tray Camper

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Features of our Slide On Campers

  • True 4 x 4 driving ~ having a low center of gravity, just above or in front of the rear axle depending on Ute, gives the vehicle a superb weight distribution.
  • The roof opens super-fast, within seconds, for quick travel breaks. Setting up camp at night takes minimal time.
  • The solid insulated fiberglass roof and insulated walls keep the water out and temperatures comfortable inside.
  • Large fly screened windows gives excellent cross ventilation and keeps unwelcome guests out
  • When stationary a surprisingly well thought out interior caters for all your needs. Enjoy the beautiful night sky and
    the sunrise from the comfort of your permanent made very large bed. The slide out table can be pulled out a little for 2 people, all the way out to sit 4 people comfortably.
  • The campers may be removed from the car quickly and easily (approx 15 minutes) to store at home and for extended vacations at your favourite spot
  • One car is all you need to transport the family, go to work, for holidays or weekends and still tow your toys