How We Began Building Slide on Campers

As long as I can remember our holidays were spent camping. We have tried everything from tents to trailers to campervans and motor homes, depending on our activity and car at the time. My dad never went out and bought something, but built it himself to suit our needs. Besides a small family car to run around in, we always had a ute or light truck for work. Logically that was the base to start with. The camper had to be removable, so that when the holidays were finished, work could begin again without driving beds and kitchen around. Thus the slide on camper.

Improving the Design

The first motor home was made of aluminium frame and sides. Being caught in a severe hailstorm one day, the sides got dented and had to be replaced. So my dad decided there had to be a better way to build campers. Being a boat builder by trade he turned everything around, built the cupboards first, then the walls and finally covered them with fibreglass. Slowly people started to knock on his door and over a period of 15 years he built campers for a few select customers.

From Father to Son – Continuing the Tradition

I started to toy with the idea of manufacturing these campers for the public and July 2002 Active Campers officially began. During that time we have built slide on campers to fit most utes, listened to our customers and improved in design and materials. So that today we can offer a camper that we believe to be the best on the market.

Slide on Campers Built for Off Road

Our customers have tested our slide on campers on some of the roughest roads around the country. They have traveled on most of the tracks and along the beaches, eg Fraser Island, Birdsville, Oodnadatta, Tanami Desert, Gibb River Road, Cape York and through the Simpson Desert.

Our customers come from all walks of life. Some plan weekend’s away or an extended trip around Australia, some use them for work in the bush and some actually live in it for years, but all want the flexibility to go off the beaten track.

Our campers open in minimal time, are small enough to go anywhere a car can go and still offer the comfort of a cold drink, quick cuppa or lay down whilst stopping.

Active Campers offers 1 type of camper with more ideas on the drawing board. Our current camper is:

  • Vantage: Suit most single, 1 ½ cab utes and some dual cab utes